Trials – in all levels of the court system.

Whether your dispute is being heard and determined in a Court or before an arbitrator or other Tribunal, taking your matter to trial is a significant decision. There is no substitute for experience in the lawyer you chose to run that case for you.

Tim Rainey has over 25 years’ experience in running trials in the District Court, High Court and other Tribunals as well as appearing as counsel in arbitration hearings. In almost all of those matters Tim has acted as lead counsel with overall responsibility for developing trial strategy and implementing that strategy in Court.

Tim’s recent trial experience includes a 5 week trial in the High Court in a defective building case alongside one of New Zealand’s leading civil litigation lawyers (Christine Meechan QC) in Body Corporate 326421 v Auckland Council [2015] NZHC 862 and a significant trial in the High Court arising out of a fire which started on a public reserve in Double J Smallwoods Ltd v Gisborne District Council [2017] NZHC 1284.

Tim Rainey is happy to provide advice in any of his areas of expertise. For more information click on the links below.