Advocacy – from negotiating room to courtroom.

No matter what the dispute, no matter where it is being decided; advocacy matters. The skill to identify the best argument; to marshal the facts, and to present that argument in a clear and compelling manner has always been highly valued.

In over 25 years of practice specialising in civil litigation in New Zealand, Tim Rainey has established an enviable reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading advocates. With over 100 decided cases spanning all levels of the New Zealand Court system, from the District Court to the Supreme Court, Tim’s track record speaks of his commitment to excellence in written and oral advocacy. That track record includes two occasions where Tim has persuaded the Supreme Court to overturn prior decisions of the High Court and the Court of Appeal in Osborne v Auckland Council [2014] NZSC 67 and Lee v Whangarei District Council [2016] NZSC 173.

That track record of running and winning arguments before Courts and Tribunals is only part of the story. Tim brings the same advocacy skills to play before any dispute reaches the courtroom. Whether that is in direct negotiations or mediation, Tim has an equally fine record of resolving matters for the best advantage of the client without the need to enter the courtroom.

Tim Rainey is happy to provide advice in any of his areas of expertise. For more information click on the links below.